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  •                                   THE ORDINARY™️ GLYCOLIC ACID

    of the top benefits of glycolic acid is its remarkable ability to fade dark spots,cracked heels,hair loss, age spots, and melasma. Hyperpigmentation mainly impacts the top layer of skin. When glycolic acid is applied, it removes and exfoliates the darkest skin cells to reveal fresh, more even-toned skin underneath.


    Use ideally in the PM, no more frequently than once per day.
  • After cleaning, saturate a cotton pad with the formula and sweep across the face and neck.
  • Do not use it on sensitive, peeling or compromised skin.
  • Avoid eye contour and contact with eyes.
  • Do not rinse off. Continue with additional skin treatments as needed.
  • Contact of the product with the skin must be of limited frequency or duration


                                           KASHI’s 100% GUARANTEE

    We stand for our products and we back it up for no questions asked. Kashi stands for quality and we want to offer the best out here in the world. We are also not liable if results are not as advertised. 


                                      KASHI’s Guarantees & Warranty

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