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                                                KASHI™ DIPPING POWDER SET


The beautiful shades with amazing pigment,suitable for all seasons and occasions,a perfect gift for holidays or special festivals

  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • NO needed nail lamp cure
  • Quick-drying

  • 6 different colors Dip Powder
  • 4 Dip powder liquid set(Base coat,activator,top coat,brush saver)
  • 1Nail file
  • 1 Nail brush


  1. Prepare the nail,push back the cuticle ,Remove the shine from the natural nail with a file or a drill especially arounf the cuticle and edges of the nails.use the brush to remove dust and clean.
  2. Apply a THIN coat of the EVENLY to the nail and QUICKLY dip into the powder at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Air dry for 20 seconds and tap off the excess powder with the brush
  4. Repeat STEP 2-4 for 2 or 3 times coverage
  5. Apply the activator EVENLY to the nail and air dry for 20 seconds
  6. File, shapes, buff and clean nails
  7. Apply the activator again,air dry for 30 seconds
  8. Apply a THIN coat of top EVENLY to the nail and air dry for 30 seconds
  9. Apply the top coat again and air dry for 2 minutes,put the brush in the BRUSH SAVER to clean if needed the place back into the bottle


    • DO NOT force open
    • Keep OUT of reach of CHILDREN
    • Dip Powder Nail Kit is valid for 24 months
    • Keep away from heat,humidity and sunlight
    • If itching,redness,or swelling occurs discontinued use immediately and consult a doctor

    Store in dry,cool places

    Keep the seal inside

                                                       Distributed by Kashi™
                                        Designed in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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