5 In 1 Skin Tightening Machine, RF Ion Mesotherapy Electroporation Face Beauty Pen Radio Frequency LED Photon Face Skin Rejuvenation Remover Wrinkle Care Device


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6 colors designed for various skin troubles, help lighten dark spots, whiten the skin 

  • Electroporation beauty instrument, focus the import electroporation, needle-free mesotherapy, radiofrequency current RF, microwave pulses, and LED phototherapy five major tip technologies, lets you synchronize solve multiple years problems, and glowing your skin's natural young color.
  • Six color light import functions - red light:accelerate blood stimulation,skin cell activity,green light:treat dark spots.pink:whiten the skin,pink flashing light:enhance the absorption of the skin care products,yellow light:brghten skin restore the balanced sensityve skin,blue light:soothe tension and acne,good for oily skin, suitable for all people.
  • Multi-function color light instrument, leaving your skin with youthful color, safer than micro plastic surgery, more economical than beauty salon, more effective than simple skin care products, clean, skin rejuvenation, alum, lifting, shrinking, 5 kinds of uses for one machine,more convenient.
  • Functions - Skin firmming & wrinkle removing,improving sagging skin,aging wrinkles,promote blood circulation,Whitening&Remove yellow,utrition lead-in,Healing eye bags,Nutrition Nourishing,remove Acne,shrink Pore and more.



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