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  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Natural ingredients, mild without stimulation, soothing touch reduce possible inflammation.  Acne Removal Cream aims at reducing acne and inflammation, eliminating excess sebum and balancing the oil in the skin.

  • KILLING THE BACTERIA:  repair the blemishes by killing bacteria within pores and balancing oil production on the face to keep pores clear and skin properly moisturized, thus reducing acne and smoothing complexion.

  • WORKS GREAT FOR ADULTS AND TEENS + ALL SKIN TYPES - This low pH formulation with advanced oil control provides clinically proven, all-natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated while constantly improving skin elasticity. Reduces the appearance of acne &keeps pores clean to prevent future breakouts.


  1. Prepare the skin by cleaning your face properly with a cleanser or water. Pat the skin dry.
  2. Start with a small coin sized amount of acne cream and progressively add more as needed. Use a cotton bud or the palm of your hands depending on the area which needs coverage.
  3. Apply the cream on your targeted area evenly pr the whole skin if your acne problem is rather serious. Ensure cream is fully soaked into the skin. 
  4. Warm sensations maybe felt on the face. Use the product in the morning and before bed time.

Distributed by kashi™ 

Designed in Los Angeles, California, USA